Member Benefits


The Benefits for being SPS Members (for press publishers)

  1. Will get a special price for entering the WAN Congress, because SPS is one of the World Associations of Newspaper (WAN) Members.
  2. Will get a free press management workshop by SPS and sponsors.
  3. Will get free tickets for entering the Media Industry Outlook Seminar by SPS, twice (2) in a year for One (1) person.
  4. Will get a special price for being a participants in SPS’s events, such as Seminars and Workshops, outside the Media Industry Outlook Seminar.

  5. Will get a cost reduction in sending the press product (normal price for premium price) from PT . Garuda Indonesia. Will be send by the morning flight.
  6. Will get a free Media Directory that published every year, collaborated with the Infomedia Nusantara.
  7. Allowed to do a concultation about the problem of press management, and the progress of print media industry.
  8. Legal Aid Press Clinic by the Legal Aid Agencies and the Press Freedom Advocacy..