Units of Work


Work Units of SPS


1. Forum Sirkulasi Pers Indonesia (FOSPI)

The Organization for the sirculations practitions of print media, which is autonomous, and and supporting the SPS’ activity, especially in developing advertising market of print media.


2. Newspapers in Education (NiE) Indonesia

Adopted from the NiE Global made by the World Association of Newspaper (WAN). NiE Indonesia contribute to campaign the effort of the print media publishers in developing future readers, also to expand the comprehension of public by the function and part of press, and the meaning of Freedom of press in democration process.


3. Asosiasi Praktisi Periklanan Media (APPM)

One of the unit of work that support the SPS’s activities, especially in developing the press advertising. The members are from the advertising managers of print media publishers.


4. Badan Bantuan Hukum dan Kemerdekaan Pers (B2HA-KP)

Work Unit of SPS, which the function is to give advocacy for the SPS Members (press publishers), that having problems from press coverage dispute